“Oooh, this kitchen is SO gorgeous!”

Experiencing kitchen envy? We’ve all been there – scrolling through Pinterest, or the latest issue of that popular home design magazine, where a newly-redesigned kitchen has caught our eye. We compare these images to what we currently have in our home, and that inner twinge begins: that all too familiar feeling that we don’t have the know-how or the tools available to perfect our busiest room.

Did you know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get those standout features that will have folks envying YOUR dream kitchen?

Take a tour of the Lakebreeze kitchen! It’s filled with custom features that you may not have thought of, all developed for Tara Savelle from “Home on Display”.  We’ve got some great ideas to give your kitchen that WOW factor that you are after in no time!

Hay’s Woodworking Custom Kitchens from SW on Vimeo. Thanks to Susan Woodman at Susan Woodman Film Production for the video!

Here are 8 custom ideas to transform your kitchen into something you will love, today and forever:

 1. Pull-out spice drawers and custom-made knife drawers


Ryan Fung Photography

Battle disorganization with handy pull-out spice drawers. Make things easy to find – organize them, alphabetize them – whatever makes most sense. This is also convenient for the budding chef in the family, since cooking demands efficiency. And you can marvel at just how clean a kitchen can feel when a million little bottles are pushed out of sight.

Rolling shelves also make sure that you’re using every inch of your cabinet space, without having to worry about digging around for something at the back.


Ryan Fung Photography

Speaking of efficiency, let’s talk about the custom maple wood knife drawer. No more knife blocks to clutter and knock over. And this is a great safety feature because it eliminates the need to hunt around the knife drawer.  Our friends at Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC on Houzz agree: a knife drawer is a creative alternative to your knife block that makes your kitchen look clean and sophisticated.


2. Drawers for pots and pans


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Tired of rummaging around to find that particular saucepan, but having to take out dozens of others before you find it? Or stacking them like it’s the world’s hardest Jenga game and having them all crash down around your feet?

Rejoice! Pot drawers are no longer a luxury item – they are a necessity in every kitchen. They’re big enough to fitany sized pots, and you don’t have to stack them six deep – just one or two per drawer.  It takes up roughly the same amount of room as a cupboard and keep you from bending down to access leaning towers of noisy cookware.

You could even include a little dividing barrier to hold the lids, just in case you have a stacking pot set.

3. Clutter-free pull-out pantry


Ryan Fung Photography

In this age of busy lifestyles and different schedules, a lot of meals and snacks are taken on-the-go. This kitchen features a pull-out pantry for whenever the munchies hit, allowing you to access everything in your cupboards. It’s also handy for not forgetting things in the back of the cupboard – like that bag of chips that you swear you bought but discover months later when it’s already expired.

On a similar note, who needs a Lazy Susan? The Lakebreeze kitchen features magic corners, which are designed to pull everything in the cupboard out for you in nicely organize racks, instead of rummaging around in a deep cupboard.

How does it work?

The shelf space is split into two sides. One side goes to either the right, or left, depending on your cupboard configuration, while the other side swings out. This not only allows for more storage space, but presents such space in the most convenient way possible.

4. Silent Hinges

Trying to be quiet when foraging for that midnight snackor attempting to make breakfast while everyone sleeps? Slamming kitchen cupboards doors are a thing of the past thanks to the BLUMOTION soft close hinges. Without much effort, these drawers glide quickly shut but slow substantially when about to make contact. You won’t hear a thing when they shut. It’s really a thing of beauty.

(Here’s a cool non-kitchen-related side-note – you can get anti-slam toilet seats now, too! Try your best to slam these things – it just won’t happen.  Which is nice, because the toilet seat clattering shut is usually a pretty startling sound.)

5. Perfectly detailed cabinet doors


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Everyone knows that a good party starts and ends in the kitchen. Whether it’s with old friends, new ones, family or co-workers, you want your busiest room to be looking its best. When the lights go down and the party picks up, beautiful wood and glass French-style drawers shine and can highlight the space. In this case, the doors and drawer fronts are raised panel MDF with the ‘Amanda’ door profile.

While these can be slightly more expensive than your average doors, the good news is that they’re better used as accents than for all doors.  Use them for a cabinet in which you keep nice crystal or china – fancy doors to show off your fancy kitchenware.

6. Party central – the wine fridge


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Did someone say ‘party’? No gathering is complete without a glass or two of bubbly. Your kitchen can be designed with a built-in wine rack in the kitchen island, as well as a wine fridge to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Life is too short to drink warm champagne!

7. One-of-a-kind island

The kitchen island in the Lakebreeze kitchen is truly distinctive, as the buyer wanted it to look like furniture. This unique piece was accented in Sherwin Williams’ gorgeous “Pavestone Grey”, while the rest of the kitchen is Benjamin Moore’s “CC-40 White“.

Islands are supposed to be a multi-purpose surface.  You need as much surface area as possible for prepping meals – whether it’s chicken cordon bleu or Kraft Dinner.  It feels like there are more and more specialized kitchen appliances every day, and they’re filling up our counter space quickly.  The kitchen island has become a vital space for all of the chopping and prep that you used to do on the counter.

This one has plenty of added storage space added – optimizing the space with a beautiful design.  Recessed doors give plenty of room to slide some tall chairs under there too, allowing this surface to act as a table when seated, or as a bar/cooking area when standing.

Islands don’t work in all spaces, like in a galley kitchen for instance, but are suitable for most.  They’re an extremely customizable feature, and always look great wherever incorporated.

8. Quartz countertop


Ryan Fung Photography

This is not an inexpensive feature, but it’s well worth it. In the Lakebreeze kitchen, the island is topped by a gorgeous quartz countertop, courtesy of Bevelled Edge Marble & Granite. This island base also has furniture baseboard, smoothing out any angular edges, in addition to an under-mount sink.

So why, beyond liking the looks of it, would you bother shelling out for a quartz countertop?

Quartz is one of, if not THE, most durable countertops available.  It’s stain and scratch resistant, and non-porous (unlike other rock countertops like granite or slate), which means you never have to seal them.  It’s completely fuss-free.  The durability and lack of upkeep will actually end up saving you money over time.


An important point to keep in mind here is that all features listed above have been custom built for this space and buyer, and very few of them are available off the rack (with the exception of the BLUMOTION hinges, maybe). So whether you’re looking to add a couple distinct highlights or do a complete renovation, it’s worth consulting with a contractor who specializes in custom kitchens and cabinetry.

It’s also worth mentioning that the features listed here are not for the average do-it-yourselfer. They require professional design, tedious measurements and planning, a room full of specialized tools and expert workmanship.

Stick to dreaming up your perfect kitchen and bring in a pro to make your dreams a reality!

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